Michael E. Lombard has been practicing real estate law in Andover, MA since 1988. Since opening his law office, he has helped clients successfully navigate purchasing, selling, or refinancing their home, as well as protecting their investments. The attorneys at the Law Office of Michael E. Lombard, LLC have the skills and experience to help you through every step of the home buying, selling, or mortgage application process. In addition, we provide commercial real estate services, probating of estates, estate planning services, formation of corporations and LLCs and trust documentation.


Whether you are purchasing, selling, or simply refinancing, you’ll want to protect your investment with the attention of an experienced attorney. Our attorneys are experienced real estate lawyers and are licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We can assist you with:

  • Condominium Conversions
  • Home Sales
  • New Construction
  • Mortgage Planning
  • Real Estate Purchase & Sales
  • Home Refinance
  • Commercial Lease Preparation
  • Title, Judgment, and Lien Searches
  • Commercial Property Sales
  • and more


We are proud to offer professional legal counsel and estate planning services. Many clients do not have an estate plan in place, which can leave their family’s financial future vulnerable. We know deciding how your possessions, home, and financial assets will be divided after your passing can be a difficult process. It causes you to think about a time when you are no longer around to care for your loved ones. However, taking the time to plan your estate helps ensure your wishes are carried out the way you would like. Together, our lawyers will work with you to draft a basic strategy to protect your interests and family.

Our estate planning services include:

  • Drafting a Will
  • Creating a Living Trust
  • Trust & Estate Administration
  • Health Care Proxies
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • and more


For almost three decades, the Law Office of Michael E. Lombard has provided quality real estate law and estate planning services in Andover, MA. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable, and are dedicated to helping you successfully navigate real estate transactions and secure a positive financial future for your family.

To receive more information about our legal services, our law firm, or to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 978-475-1518 or fill out a contact form. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your legal matters.